The Womier (k61)

Today we have a keyboard that I've been excited about for a long time. The Womier k61. It's a 60% keyboard with pretty, white cherry profile keycaps. It has a 5 pin hot-swap PCB, which is available with Gateron switches by default. You can order the Womier with Blue, Brown, Red and Yellow switches from Gateron. It's a wired keyboard, which is slightly annoying in this day and age, but most people don't really need wireless keyboards. It comes with a switch puller, a keycap puller, a brush and a white cable. One of the main points of this keyboard is the amazing RGB aura and shine-through. I'm actually excited to film all the mods that can be done on this keyboard to see how the sound changes. Out of the box the stabilizers sound pretty terrible, but the keycaps and switches (unless you want the blues) are pretty decent.

If you like RGB and want a cheap keyboard, this is definitely a good option.

Affiliate links for all the options you can get this keyboard in:

White with Red Switches (the same as ours): Amazon, $69.99,

White with Brown Switches: Amazon, $69.99,

White with Blue Switches: Amazon, $69.99,

White with Yellow Switches: Amazon, $69.99,

Pudding Keycaps with Yellow Switches: Amazon, $73.99,

Pudding Keycaps with Red Switches: Amazon, $73.99